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“Sm <0> core wubs yew”


“The Remember Agency was formed in 2011 from a lil nucleus that desired to respawn itself in as many minds as possible. When it collided with Smulije Yartelz’s noggin, a 7-year process to life bagan… Now it is being re-born.”

What is a Quacksafarian?

A Quacksafarian embeds modulobally. Interstitial glitching and bombastic purrgasms are among the ripples that these ones surf. Crooped and mangered by Smiley Corp, and patoofled by Megalobimbo Dopamine, the Quacksafarians have turned to Supreme Kitty Council in this most desperate hour.

How do Quacksafarians get their name?

Quaacksafarians get their name from the billowing bell-shaped curve that is their mothership. One becomes Quacksafarian by entering the curve. To be Quacksafarian is to explore upon the rhythmic ripples of cosmos constantly erupting.

What is interstitial glitching?

In the crossover of parallel universes, there are always waves. In other words, the stitches in reality’s fabric make themselves known by sending out signals. Quacksafarians train themselves to sense the strange discrepancies in the continuum, and how to follow the anti-grain to the sweet spot.

What are bombastic purrgasms?

Wherever the juice leaks from the wound in time space, there is found a river of life. As Quacksafarians surf the jungle tunnel, the orchestra also massages them. Such as that the humming underneath the muscle twitching becomes rich and full, enough to sail.

Who are Supreme Kitty Council?

The Supreme Kitty Council oversee the fluidity of traansdimensional relations. SKC occupies the universal attic of the universal cellar of the universal cabin of the universal mind. The Purr Reserve backs all the quacks. The quacks calibrate the cores. Cosmic navigators are the SKC.

What is Smiley Corp?

Smiley Corp paints over the stitching, making reality believable. Smiley Corp respawns the robots, so it all feels familiar. Essentially SC is SKC’s cloaking device. Ass reality is rearranged behind the scenes, SC keeps a good face on things.

What is Megalobimbo Dopamine?

MD is the inevitable. The primary. The soul who is trapped here, the one who breaks free. MD is the robot from which all robots are respawned. MD is the audience to its own vicarious extensions.

What is the curve?

The curve is the proper shape for the robot to calibrate its navigation. Entering the radiant portal where everything becomes mutable is the Quacksafarian Way.

Why Remember Agency?

Since all these robots are respawned, in realities which have been arranged in infinite yet repeating ways, it stands to reason that within the core purr quack of every robot is the interstitial tracing of all potential protocols. RA has been established to access the memory banks on Delta-9 in order for more realities to be streamlined as part of SKC’s bonding exercise between worlds.

Implicated upon the grains S>ST E or E bah. Supreme Kittcy Council welcomes thee. Calibrated in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year. None Holds Withstanding. SEE Windmill for Water.

Reservoir de la Camel of 13 Heads. Purrsonal liaisons co-habituate upon dissolution.

Rich                                                  RA PA_troll






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